Briggs & Stratton 71251 Amplify 150-Amp SE Rated 120/240V 1ph ATS for GC-1031

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Make your backup power go further with a power management system. Make your backup power go further with a power management system. Use this system to prioritize the needs of your home and reduce fuel costs. Briggs & Stratton makes it easy by offering the Amplify Power Management System a transfer switch and Gateway bundle. These systems help a homeowner prioritize the power they need during a power outage. The Amplify “Standby Generator Management” app allows you to set or change priorities as well as monitor your generator status from your smartphone allowing flexibility in your backup power management.

Amplify™ Power Management Transfer Switch Bundle

• Active management of high wattage appliances – real time ability to change priorities

• Minimize size of generator needed

• Includes smart phone app, “Standby Generator Management” – change priorities and two way communication*

• Manage up-to 32 modules per transfer switch for controlling essentials and conveniences – no more dip switches to set

• Allows your standby system to be adaptable to changing demands (seasonal and home improvement)

• Eliminates risk of overloading your generator

• Easier module installation – no neutral required

• No requirement for separate 120V input for low voltage modules

• Wireless communication to power management modules

• Works exclusively with generators equipped with GC-1031 controllers

• Gateway (6520) included – allows for Amplify power management

• Communicate between the GC-1031 Gateway and modules

• User-friendly, downloadable app To set up your Amplify Power Management System, set priorities, and monitor your generator status

• Gateway (6520) can be bundled with transfer switch or purchased separately

• Optional - Battery UPS for the home WiFi router which maintains your wifi signal during an outage

This 150 Amp automatic transfer switch provides power to more of your household appliances. It also can manage 1 or 2 air conditioners while keeping household appliances powered.  Flexible, indoor/outdoor transfer switch placement makes it convenient to install. All of our weather resistant transfers are NEMA 3R rated for maximum protection against dirt, rain, sleet and snow.


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