DeWalt Washers


Many people, particularly those who work with tools, are familiar with the DeWalt brand. The company is renowned for power tools and accessories; they’re widely available at local hardware stores. At Nationwide Generators, we choose to focus on providing items from the DeWalt line of pressure washers and portable generators—powerful and reliable machines from the trusted name in power equipment.


This company began with Raymond DeWalt, who perfected the first woodworking machine to make it more productive in 1922. Then, DeWalt products began establishing locations in Pennsylvania, continuing work in the woodworking industry. Over the years DeWalt expanded to meet orders associated with Government defense during wartimes. It was re-incorporated, acquired by American Machine Foundry, and then expanded into Canada.

In the 90s, DeWalt began its efforts to dominate the cordless drill market, manufacturing powerful drills, drivers, wrenches, and combination drills. Throughout the years DeWalt continued its expansion and innovation. The company established itself not only in the power tool market, but in broader power equipment manufacturing, as well.


DeWalt has secured its place as a household name in power tools and equipment. Most consumers can find their products anywhere related items are sold. Additionally, DeWalt continues attempts at innovation to make products more powerful, productive, and safe. Of course, more and more consumers are concerned with efficiency and sustainability, and efforts to be more environmentally sound. DeWalt makes efforts to do this by constructing machines that are lower maintenance. They require less energy and less repairs, and use less batteries and other fuels.

Nationwide Generators supplies DeWalt pressure washers and portable generators because they are a recognizable, reliable brand. Consumers are familiar with their power and dependability, and so are often glad to see them included in inventory. If you have questions about any of the models we provide, feel free to contact Nationwide Generators today. 

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