Generac 7300 Surge Protection Device (SPD) 120/240 VAC Single Split Phase

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The NEC 2020 Code requires Surge Protection devices for new and replaced service equipment supplying dwelling units. 

Using Generac’s whole-house Surge Protection Device (SPD) helps protect sensitive electronics like mobile phones, laptop computers, TVs and smart appliances from voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes, downed power lines, and routine utility switching activity.  The ESFI estimates homes have on average $15,000 worth of these sensitive electronics that can be damaged by surges.  The new Surge Protective Device (SPD) is a convenient, cost effective solution to protect electrical devices and appliances. 

It has thermally protected MOVs (metal oxide varistors) that reduce the risk of thermal damage.  It is also compact, weather-resistant, and can be installed quickly, in minutes. 

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