Generac 8005 9kW DC PWRgenerator 1ph Alum Enclosure

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*In OFF GRID use, this unit requires an AC Power Source to Charge Battery

MODEL 8005 9kW DC PWRgenerator Alum Enclosure [NOTE: Cannot be used in place of traditional AC coupled generator install]

The 9kW PWRgenerator is a revolution in home energy security, exclusively from Generac. When sunlight is unavailable or insufficient, this DC-coupled generator rapidly recharges the PWRcell Battery to keep homes powered long-term when the grid is down. Because PWRgenerators are designed to be run more frequently and for longer periods, they are quieter, more fuel efficient, and have extraordinarily long service cycles. With seamless integration to PWRcell systems and your PWRview monitoring app, the PWRgenerator unlocks indefinite backup power and true energy independence at an unbeatable value.


A balanced energy portfolio at home yields cost savings, energy security and reduced carbon emissions. Produce and use power on your own terms, with or without the grid.

How does it work?
Day:    Home runs on solar, charges the battery, and sells extra power to the grid
Night: Home runs on battery power, energy use is optimized and can be recharged with the PWRgenerator

During a Power Outage: Run your home on battery, daily recharge with solar, optimize loads, top-off the battery with PWRgenerator when needed

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