SIMPSON 95003 STAGE 1 Pressure Washer Trailer System 4200 PSI @ 4.0 GPM E-Start

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SIMPSON STAGE 1 Self-Contained Cold Water Cleaning System

Pressure Washer Trailer System 4200PSI @ 4.0 gpm

2000lb Single Axle w/ Leaf Spring Suspension, Direct Drive, 100ft Hose 

 SIMPSON 95003 STAGE 1 Pressure Washer Trailer System



SIMPSON 95003 Features:

  • The SIMPSON 95003 has an Electric Start Honda GX390 Commercial Series OHV Engine. This engine has Low Oil Shutdown for added safety. It has an easy start and a direct drive to streamline the power transmission from the engine to the pump.
  • This model offers water pressure at 4200 psi and a flow rate of 4.0 gpm. The water is stored in a 150-gallon water tank with a bottom drain. It comes equipped with a high capacity pressurized hose reel and a CAT 67DX pump. The hose gun has Quick Connectors and the wand type is steel with Quick Connect. This model’s hose is steel-braided.
  • The SIMPSON 95003 has 6-ply tires on 12-inch white spoke rims. It has a metal license plate holder and meets DOT standards. The overall trailer structure is welded box steel with a 2000lb axle.
  • This unit has a 1-year limited warranty for the overall model, a 3-year warranty for the Honda engine, 2 years for the CAT Pump, and 90 days for the gun, hose, spray want, and nozzles.


SIMPSON 95003 STAGE 1 Pressure Washer Trailer System is the ultimate companion for the contractor in needs of powerful pressure washing capabilities. This unit travels with you over distances thanks to its sturdy 2000-pound box steel trailer. Never fear attaching this to your truck; it is DOT-qualified and has a license plate holder. Take the pressure washer power with you to work.

This unit’s water power is extreme; it offers 4200 psi of water pressure at a flow rate of 4.0 gpm. The powerful technology is supported with an Electric Start Honda GX390 Commercial Series OHV Engine. The engine has a low oil shutdown for safety. This model also has a CAT 67DX pump that pressurizes the water from a 150-gallon water tank. The steel-braided hose is strong enough to handle all that strong pressurized water.

Quick connectors make it easy to connect the hose gun and wand so that any adult can make use of this system. It comes with five Quick Connect nozzles for soap, and sprays of 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°. The SIMPSON 95003 is made for contractors who need powerful cleaning on-the-go. If you need powerful pressure for work, this model is for you. Contact Nationwide Generators today and ask us more about the SIMPSON 95003 STAGE 1 Pressure Washer Trailer System. 

   •  Welded Box Steel Construction -  2000 lb Axle with Leaf Spring Suspension
   •  6 Ply Tires - 12" Spoke Rims
   •  150 Gallon Water Tank With Bottom Drain Petcock
   •  High Capacity Pressurized Hose Reel
   •  LED Lighting Package with Metal License Plate Holder
   •  Meets DOT Standards
   •  Direct Drive Engine & Pump for Streamlined Power Transmission from Engine to Pump
   •  Honda GX Commercial Series Engine Starts Easy, Runs Smoothly, and Delivers High Output
   •  Triplex Pump Design with Ceramic Pistons and Thermal Relief Valve
   •  5 Quick Connect Nozzles - 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and Soap
       Water Pressure 4200 PSI
       Flow Rate 4.0 GPM
       Engine                  *ELECTRIC START HONDA GX390 Commercial Series OHV Engine w/ Low Oil Shutdown
       Pump   CAT 67DX
       Wheels 6 Ply Tires Mounted on 12" White Spoke Rims - 5 Lug
       Pump/Hose Connection Affixed to High Pressure Hose Reel
       Hose 3/8" x 100' Steel-braided
       Hose/Gun Connection Quick Connectors
       Wand Type Steel with Quick Connect
       Engine Orientation Horizontal
       Frame Aluminum Engine / Pump Baseplate
       Accessory Storage On-board
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty Overall, 3 Year HONDA Engine, 2 Year CATTM Pump, 90 Day Gun, Hose, Spray Wand & Nozzles
Shipping Length (inches)      74 Product Length (inches) 106  
Shipping Width (inches)        70 Product Width (inches) 68  
Shipping Height (inches)      50 Product Height (inches) 46  
Shipping Weight (pounds)    790 Product Weight (pounds) 630  
Frt Class 150  
Assembled in the USA of Domestic and Foreign Components
This SIMPSON® self-contained pressure washer system is perfectly suited for Contract Cleaners, Mobile Detailers, Municipalities and Resorts.  The trailer is DOT Certified as an over-the-road pressure washing system.  Job-site set-up is a snap.  Pull up to the work area, connect the spray gun, start the engine and begin cleaning. 

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