Generac 7202 Mobile Link 4G LTE for 2010 & After Upgrade

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Generac 7202 Mobile Link 4G LTE Replacement Kit For Air Cooled & Liquid Cooled Generators made 2010 and after with Nexus, Evolution 1.0 & 2.0, Honeywell Sync 2.0 & 3.0 controllers that ALREADY have 3G CDMA Mobile Links installed! This kit also goes by Generac part number G0072020.

Kit can ONLY be used to replace older 6463 3G versions of Generac's Mobile Link system that was phased out.  Includes the device itself without harness or mounting hardware.  You will need to use your existing hardware as it is compatible with this device.  Does not work with all Generac makes and models.  Please call for questions / concerns as some older model 3G units may not be supported or link up to this 4G LTE model.

GET CONNECTED.  Introducing Mobile Link 4G LTE, the next generation cellular accessory.  This accessory attaches to your home standby generator and connects it with our Mobile Link monitoring service, giving you (and your servicing dealer with a managed plan) real-time access to critical information about your generators status - anytime, anywhere.

The Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE accessory is easy to use and works in tandem with our cellular partner, Verizon, for broad coverage and more reliable connections.  This 4G LTE network also delivers faster download speeds, enabling automatic generator system upgrades and faster delivery of generator condition notifications.  

With Mobile Link, you'll always know exactly what your generator is doing or not doing anytime, anywhere. When the generator experiences a change in status, Mobile Link sends an update to forward that information via website, email or text message automatically to you.




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