Simpson Washers


Nationwide Generators is in the business of more than generators and backup power. We sell many products from the most trusted brand names in generators, and that includes items like pressure washers. Simpson is a dependable brand supplying pressure washers and other outdoor equipment. At Nationwide Generators, we trust the brand as a leader in the pressure washer market, and so we are happy to include their products in our available inventory.


Simpson has been in the business of pressure washers and power equipment for more than 50 years. Their experience in the market makes them a long-standing, reliable source for high quality products and the parts necessary to maintain them. In 2006, FNA Group purchased Simpson. This did not change the company’s ability to manufacture dependable products; the integration meant more universal, stable, consistent manufacturing of all equipment.


Simpson pressure washers are manufactured with the goal of being the best possible equipment for extra-strength cleaning. Whether for use at home, or commercially, these washers are made to handle the toughest grime and stains of all kinds, those that solutions like scrubbing and soaking simply won’t handle. Simpson claims to set the highest standards for their product design and manufacture. Their “attention to detail and our ‘never settle for less’ attitude is what makes Simpson one of the industry leaders.”

Simpson offers a variety of pressure washers to suit both DIY, at-home use and professional operations. They manufacture all parts in their entirety—from the machines and their parts, to accessories. They provide machines in series like the MegaShot, PowerShots, Brutes, and more. All of their equipment is designed to be completely state-of-the-art for modern use, as well as continually innovative to better the user’s experience.

Over time, Simpson has continued to provide useful and reliable equipment to consumers. As long as their pressure washers continue to serve our customers well, we will continue to sell them. If you’re in need of a pressure washer for home or industrial use, contact us today at Nationwide Generators and ask us about our Simpson brand pressure washers, and other equipment we have to offer.



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