At Nationwide Generators, we are proud to have the Kohler brand among our inventory of dependable generator models. This well-established company began making a name for itself in manufacturing many years ago—in 1873—making it one of the longest-running manufacturers whose products we carry. It has since has become a notable and trusted household name. Kohler now supplies a range of items, including their original residential generator. Their long-standing reliability is a primary reason that Nationwide continues to offer Kohler products.


Founded by John Michael Kohler—an Austrian—Kohler began as a manufacturer of parts for farms and homes. They produced parts made of steel and iron. They then moved forward to produce fixtures for bathrooms, kitchens, and other plumbing needs. Later, in 1920, the finally began working in the power market, producing the first modern, residential generators. These generators were powered by none other than Kohler engines.

From there, Kohler’s continued growing and expanding. The company invented and explored, and tested its products around the globe. In 1933, Admiral Richard Byrd traveled to the South Pole; with him, he took several of Kohler’s generators. This became a claim to fame for the company, and its products’ power and dependability continue today.


Today, Kohler manufactures and supplies many products. They produce a variety of generators for use in at both the home and in industries. Kohler offers small portable models to large commercial units, as well as the parts necessary to maintain all of their generators; their transfer switches make certain you can switch on the power easily when you need it. At Nationwide, we carry the Kohler brand and have the knowledge you help you choose the model you need for your home, work site, or business. Among the Kohler products we offer are: residential generators, commercial generators, portable generators, and transfer switches.

From generators to their accessories, Nationwide Generators offers all you need to keep your life running when your normal power fails you. Ask us any questions you may have about Kohler, its products, or any of the other reliable brands we offer. 

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