Nationwide Generators proudly sells the most reliable, recognizable brands in the generator and backup power market. As such, we are pleased to feature Generac products among our inventory of dependable generators and their accessories. For decades, Generac has produced and sold strong, trustworthy sources of backup power. In recent years, they have expanded their efforts to include more sustainable, eco-friendly sources of power, as well. The company’s overall goal is to meet all consumer power needs, be they at home, at a commercial location, or mobile for on-the-go power. That is why Nationwide Generators continues to offer their products.


Generac has long been an established name in the backup power industry. Since 1959, this company has been producing and selling generators for both home and industrial use. Over the decades, Generac has gone from selling portable generators for Sears to becoming a staple in the power industry, and supplying a wide range of related products.

Generac began under the Craftsman brand, selling portable generators for Sears. In later years—the 1970s—the group began establishing itself in the RV market and moving away from the Craftsman brand. Then, in the 1980s, Generac and Caterpillar came together and produced more generators. In the later part of the same decade, Generac moved away from other brands and became its own enterprise.

Generac began with little more than a standard, gas-powered standby generator for residential use. The company was the first to build and sell more affordable home backup generators. Generac was also the first to construct a generator-specific engine, thus establishing itself as a pioneer company in the industry. The company was an integral part of making generators available to more people for homes and businesses.


Now, Generac offers a wide range of backup power solutions. They have small portable inverters, home units, and large industrial units. In addition to their units, Generac supplies the accessories needed for the products’ best possible operation, including transfer switches. The company is also a leader in the pressure washer market, offering strong, reliable pressure washers for use at home, or at industrial sites. Generac has also taken strides to make their products more environmentally sound and create more sustainable technology.

Whether you need a mobile generator, standby power for your home, a transfer switch, or other power-related product, it is well-worth considering Generac as your brand. When it comes to purchasing your unit or equipment, rely on us at Nationwide Generators. 

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