Champion 100868 50A NEMA 3R Load Management Module for aXis ATS

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Manufactures Warranty: 10 Year/2,000-Hour Limited Warranty


Champion 50A NEMA 3R Load Management Module for aXis ATS 

Depend on Champion’s cost-effective load management module to manage your high-demand appliances so you can power your home worry-free. Featuring aXis Home Standby Technology, this customizable 50-amp module will prevent overloads to your electrical system and make sure your lights stay on.


The Champion 100868 Load Management Module features aXis Home Standby Technology and allows you to use your home standby generator to power high-demand appliances (usually 240 volt) in the home without being concerned about system overload. At times, using a generator to power appliances such as ranges, cooktops, dryers and water heaters can overload your electrical system and leave you in the dark.

Champion’s new aXis platform uses Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology which helps reduce costs and increase efficiency by eliminating the need for communication wiring from your generator to your load management module and automatic transfer switch, saving you time and money.

Champion aXis load management also allows you to use a smaller generator to manage larger residential homes.

Using aXis load management modules, loads can be assigned priority levels (1-4) allowing for customization on how the home's appliances are managed. Large electric loads can also be locked out entirely while under standby power.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Install a Champion Load Management Module anywhere inline between your appliance and the circuit breaker.
  2. Choose from four priority levels for each appliance from “must haves” to “nice to haves.”
  3. Use your home’s existing power lines to monitor your generator output and allow your high demand appliance to operate only when there is enough generator power available. Never worry again that you’ll accidentally overload your HSB system since aXis monitors your generator output and only allows operation of your high demand appliance when there’s enough generator power available.

Featuring a NEMA 3R enclosure for outdoor or indoor installation, the module is ETL listed to comply with UL and CSA standards for the US and Canada.

Buy with confidence - Champion will back up your purchase with a 2-year limited warranty including FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts.

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