Generac 8008 16-32A SureStart Soft-Starter Etwin Hyper

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Model: 8008  16-32A SureStart Soft-Starter:

• Enables compressor start-up on lower sized generators and battery-inverter backup power sources.

• Soft-starters developed for starting and running single phase scroll compressor motors. They offer significant start current reduction by up to 60-70%. The customised “PN” option is used to start high inertia loads such as reciprocating compressors and offers a start current reduction by up to 20-50%.

• Reducing the start current prevents light flickering as well as ensures compressor protection and reduces start up noise.

• Eltwin Hyper SureStart offers a multitude of compressor safety protection features such as: Low voltage protection, reverse scroll detection and overcurrent limit shutdown.

• Automatic adjustment of the starting current to match compressor size and available supply voltage. Contactor protected from arcing damage. LED indicator for any fault diagnosis. Supply line impedance monitoring and compensation for every start.

• Reduces the supply line voltage drop experienced during startups as well as monitoring supply voltage while the compressor is running to prevent motor stalling during start up or run modes

Essential Accessories

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