Generac MDG75DF4 Mobile Towable Generator w/ Trailer 6788

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Options    MDG75 - MDG100      Price
Engine 10 Amp Battery Charger     $   439
  Positive Air Shutoff (electronic)     $2,319
  Lockable Battery Disconnect     $   239
Power SUPERSTART Generator   MDG75     $2,899
  SUPERSTART Generator   MDG100     $3,629
  Cam Locks - Single Set, MDG75/100         $   599
  Buck Transformer     $   579
  4-Position Phase Switch MDG75/100      $   899
  PMG Generator MDG75/100     $   919
  DVR (2000E - Includes Required PMG) MDG75/100     $2,199
   Paralleling  MDG75/100     $9,899
Fuel Fuel Tank Leak Detection MDG75/100     $   419
Lighting Interior Cabinet Light     $     43
  Control Panel Light     $   109
Cold Climate  60/40 Coolant     $   103 
  Block Heater (standard MDG75/100)     $   STD
  Heated Fuel Filter - MDG75/100     $   989
  CCV Engine Heater - MDG75/100     $   929
  Clutch Fan - MMG130 (standard MDG75/100)     $   STD
  Liquid Containment     $1,099
Trailer Rear Stabilizer Jacks     $   439
Fire Ext.  5 lb. Fire Extinguisher     $   399
Spare Tire  Spare Tire and Carrier      $   859 
LoJack  Vehicle Recovery System     $   579
 *FUEL TRANSFER SYSTEM (Fuel/DEF ports and pumps)     $2,899

Powered by a John Deere PowerTech engine the MDG75DF4 utilizes a catalyzed exhaust filter that contains a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and a Diesel Particulate Filter.(DPF) The DOC reacts with exhaust gases to reduce the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and some particulate matter(PM). The downstream DPF traps and holds the remaining PM, which are oxidized within. Revolutionalizing the generator industry, the MDG75DF4 is equipped with Generac|Magnum's Power Zone digital controller.

Power – Wherever, Whenever Needed


  • White aluminum textured powder coat enclosure, sound attenuated baffles and insulation to reduce noise, 68 dBA at prime
  • Fully lockable enclosure with stainless steel exterior hardware
  • Industrial strength steel skid frame and dual axle trailer


  • Voltage regulation is plus or minus ½%
  • 165 gallon fuel capacity standard for 31 hours of run time
  • Air filter condition indicator on control panel
  • 2 year - 2,000 hour warranty
  • Low coolant shutdown


  • Lockable enclosure to ensure access only when needed
  • Lockable lug box with safety switch ensures main breaker is tripped when door opened
  • Emergency stop switch located on outside of enclosure
  • Tie downs, central lifting point and fork pockets for safe, easy movement


Essential Accessories

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