Generac MIH400HC Indirect Flame Heater (Airline Heat Cart)

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MIH400HC Indirect Flame Heater (Airline)

The ideal airport solution; MIH400HC Indirect Flame Heater

The MIH400HC (heat cart) is an ideal airport solution. The MIH400HC is compact and portable while providing a clean and reliable blast of heat for aircraft, hangars, and ground support equipment. It represents the latest in burner, fuel flow, and airflow technology. Rigorous testing has yielded a product that can stand up to the most extreme cold weather environments. The MIH400HC is for use on RJ style to narrow body aircraft to eliminate auxiliary power unit (APU) use for substantial fuel burn savings.

The MIH400HC delivers 400,000 BTU’s per hour (117 kW/hr) of heat in a compact, trailer mounted unit designed for airport use. The MIH400HC is comprised of rugged, heavy-duty steel construction inside and out. Large doors provide easy access for service, maintenance, and operation.

The MIH400HC has a temperature rise of up to 180° F (82° C) and an air output volume of 3,600 cubic feet per minute at 9 inch water column, delivered through one (1) 12 inch outlet. The unit comes standard with a WASP undercarriage and a hand held Purple K fire extinguisher. The heat exchanger is designed and constructed of stainless steel. We offer simple to use, push button controls for ease of operation.


  • Burner Set: 400,000 BTU/hr (117 kW/hr)
  • Output: 3,600 cubic feet per minute at 9-inch water column
  • Fuel Rate: 3.4 gallons per hour (max) (12.9 lph
  • No DEF Required


  • Burner fuel source
    • ​Diesel
  • Self-contained
  • Trailer mounted 


  • Burner fuel source
    • ​Jet A
    • Propane
    • Natural gas
  • ANSUL Fire Suppression System
  • Custom paint

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