General Pump TriKleener Deluxe 2100306 Pressure Water Broom

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*Special water Truck Trikleener Delivery, disperses water directly where you need it!

Introducing the perfect flat surface cleaning tool for homeowners and professionals who use pressure washers.* The Trikleener saves time, money, water, energy, and wear-and-tear on equipment while reducing physical strain and performing a superior job!

What was once a 10 hour job can now be completed in 2 or 3!  What’s more, the cleaning will be more thorough. Dirt, grime, mold, mildew, moss and discoloration from leaves and other vegetation can be removed quickly and easily. For the contractor, that means a better, more efficient job, a better profit margin, and a happier customer. For the homeowner, that means the weekend project is over quickly with a job well done!

Recommended with minimum of 2,000 PSI and 2.5 gpm, maximum rating 4,500 PSI

• Saves time and money.

• Saves physical wear-and-tear.

• Saves equipment run time.

• Easy to use for virtually anyone.

• Dispenses water and/or cleaning fluid.

• Performs superior cleaning on most jobs.

• Virtually unlimited adjustment options.

• Easy to transport and store.

• Saves water and energy.

• For hot or cold water pressure washers.

Essential Accessories

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