Kohler GM92001-KP1 Power Relay Module PRM for RXT ATS

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Even if you purchase a smaller generator, you can prioritize what you power with Power Relay Modules (PRM). During a power outage, your entire house is connected to generator power, but PRMs cycle some circuits on and off to prevent overloading.

  • Helps your generator balance high electrical loads


  • Can manage up to four additional loads using a separate relay in each module
  • Compatible with 14RESA, 14RESAL, 20RESA, 20RESAL, 20RESB, 24RCL, 38RCL, 38RCLA, 48RCL and 60RCL generator models.


Requires a RXT or RDT single-phase ATS with the load shed kit or, a RXT transfer switch that has the combined interface/load management board. Transfer switch must be connected to a Kohler® single-phase generator set equipped with the RDC2 or DC2 controller.

Weight1.4 kg (3 lbs.)Dimensions172 mm x 233 mm x 92 mm (6.8 in. x 9.2 in x 3.6 in.)

Essential Accessories

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