Kohler 14RCA 14kW Aluminum Home Standby Generator 1ph

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The 14kW Kohler 50Hz/60 Hz generator continues to run the cooling, heating and security system when grid power fails. It kicks in within seconds after it senses the outage. The family, home and office can stay safe when a storm ravages the area. This dual fuel generator has advanced voltage and frequency regulation. The premium power quality it produces keeps all expensive electronics safe. 14RCA is an air-cooled model perfect for use with computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Kohler 14RCA runs on a heavy-duty, commercial-grade engine that is designed for on-grid and off-the-grid applications. The 3-phase generator has exceptional motor-starting capacity at 33kVA at 240V and runs as quietly as an air conditioner at 67 dba. The 3-phase system produces three separate waves of power, delivered in a sequence to ensure a continuous uninterrupted flow of power that never drops to zero. Control real-time operations and diagnostics and view status codes that can be relayed to multiple contacts. Check run time, battery status, oil level from remote locations using your smartphone, tablets, laptops, and PCs. 

14kW Kohler 14RCA Generator Features:

  • Kohler 14RCA runs on a reliable Kohler CH740 4-Cycle, 20.5 HP, V-2 engine with a maximum 3600 RPM. It has hydraulic valve lifters that eliminate the need for lengthy break-in periods and valve adjustments. Switching between natural gas and LPG fuels is easy.
  • The generator can be paralleled with another generator when you need more power. PowerSync Automatic Paralleling Module (APM) (single-phase only) allows you to parallel two 14kW residential generators with the RDC2 controller.
  • PowerBoost™ technology helps start large loads such as central air conditioners quickly without dropping power to other appliances.
  • RDC2 controller has a 2-line backlit LCD that lets you check the status of the unit and system settings. Check the oil pressure or engine temperature or the battery voltage easily. It manages both the generator and the transfer switch.
  • Kohler 14RCA has a self-ventilated and drip-proof construction. It has a corrosion-proof aluminum enclosure and can only be installed outdoors, 18” from a building. For storm-prone areas, a concrete mounting pad is required for installation.
  • OnCue Plus Generator Management System allows you to manage more than one generator using wireless connectivity. The industry's first of its kind system keeps you in touch with your generator while on the go. It sends status updates on your PC, laptop, smartphone or the Kohler service technician.
  • Digital Voltage Regulator protects all sensitive electronics against harmonic distortion. It regulates the output voltage of the generator by controlling the current into the generator exciter field. This allows it to respond to additional load demands efficiently.
  • The enclosure panels are removable and let you gain access without the use of tools for quick maintenance and service.
  • Kohler 14RCA 14kW Generator is compatible with Kohler Model RXT transfer switch, programmable interface module (PIM), and load shed kit.
  • 14RCA certifications and listings include cUL, UL 2200, CSA and EPA.
  • This 14kW Kohler model is backed by a 5-year/2000 hour limited warranty for on-grid applications and 18 month/1000 hour limited warranty for off-grid applications.
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Manufactures Warranty: 5 Year Limited
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