Power Pad 3" Generator Pad Fits Generac, Kohler & Briggs

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Lightweight Heavy-Duty Generator Pad

Super Lightweight - Weighs only 1/14th of a typical concrete generator pad (13.7 lbs. vs 190 lbs.)

Ergonomic - Power Pad's design enables simple and secure handling, ensuring safe and efficient installation every time.

Extremely Durable - Engineered to withstand the elements, Power Pad is crafted using UV-stabilized polymer that prevents frost heaving and is NFPA 37 tested. The pad's high compression strength minimizes vibration transmission.

Eco-Friendly - Power Pad is produced sustainability and is 100% recyclable, allowing it to meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards - all while achieving a high level of performance.

  • 3” Power Pad Information
  • Pad Weight:   13.7 Lbs.
  • Dimensions:  54” X 31” x 3”

Universal Anchor Locations - Fit's Generac, Kohler and Briggs Air-Cooled generators 10-26kW

Extremely Durable

  • Crafted from fully recyclable, UV-stabilized material meeting UL94 V0 fire standards.
  • Resists mold, bacteria, cracks and compressive creep while withstanding animal urine.
  • Exceptional compression strength for stability.
  • Super Easy to install.
  • Minimizes vibrations to ground and house, plus insulates effectively (R10) to prevent frost heave.

A Solid Foundation for You and Your Customers

Essential Accessories

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