Kohler GM85273-SA6 RXT, 100A, 12 circuit LC, Nema 1, 120/240V, 1ph, 2 pole, UL Listed ATS

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120/240V Single Phase
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GM85273-SA6 RXT-JFNA-0100B, 12 circuit LC, 100A, 120/240V, 1ph, 2 pole, Nema 1, UL Listed ATS with a Five-Year Limited Warranty 

The transfer switch is the brain of your KOHLER home backup power system. It continuously monitors the utility power for an interruption. If utility power fails, the transfer switch automatically starts the power system, transfers the electrical loads and restores power to your home. When utility power resumes, the transfer switch reverses the process again, automatically.

Automatic protection – automatically and safely transfers power to and from utility to generator User-friendly interface with easy-to-read international symbols ALUMINUM, NEMA 1 indoor enclosure features corrosion-resistant enclosure Use with Kohler Generator Models 8RESV(L), 10RESV(L), 12RESV(L) 14RESA(L) 20RESA(L) 20RESB 24 RCL, 38RCL, 48RCL, 60RCL
Manufactures Warranty: 5 Year Limited
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