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Making Comparisons When Buying a Generator

5th Dec 2018

When you make any significant purchase, you weigh the pros and cons involved. You may weigh the decision of purchasing at all, or you may compare between different brands. Standby generator purchasing is no different; comparing generator options and brands allows you to decide what’s best for your home, and helps you make sure that the one you choose has all you need and want.

If you haven’t already had a power audit performed at your home, you should have one done to understand how much backup power you will need. Then, you can make the right choice of generator to meet those power needs. You also want to consider what features you need.

The Transfer Switch

A reliable transfer switch is an important part of your backup power system. The transfer switch is designed to provide power to your electrical circuits from power sources. In fact, this switch is so important that it’s often illegal to install a standby generator without one. This is because it leaves the possibility for back-feeding--electricity running backward from the home and through the utility transformer. When you get ready to buy a generator, you will want to consider the transfer switch. Ask questions like, “Does this come with a transfer switch included?” And, “What sort of switch options do I have?”

Fuel and Capacity

There are many fuel options for backup generators. They often take LP Gas or natural gas, and some run with diesel. Fuel options are very important factors to consider when choosing your generator. When making a decision, you may want to consider what you already use at your home; that will make having fuel ready for your generator much more convenient.

Electrical load matters when it comes to fuel choices, too. The engine size is what determines fuel use minimums without an electrical load. When the electrical load increases, the fuel does the same because the engine has to offer more power when running at that speed. So, you will need to make comparisons between what models offer the right specifications for full-load and half-load fuel use.

As you make your comparisons and choose your backup generator, contact Nationwide Generators. Find what you need in our stock and ask us for more information so you can choose what’s best for you.