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Weather the Hurricanes with the Help of a Backup Generator


Hurricane seasons have the potential to be busy, as well as dangerous. Homeowners in coastal towns know the power and damage storms produce, and how risky times become during storm seasons. Even cities not on the coast feel the effects of those storms; they move inland and cause strong rain that shuts down power grids in major areas. This is a strong reason to invest in a backup generator for your home. 

Keep the power on and stay safe.

When the storm comes and it’s time to stay indoors, you want to make sure you still have the power you need to endure. A good backup generator keeps your lights on and the important items running. When you choose your generator, you want to consider the model to best serve your needs during storm season. For a Standby Generator installation, there are professionals that can place it in a safe location; backup generators are already made to resist strong winds and more.

For Standby Generators, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is an essential part of the package. When the storm comes and you’re left without power, you don’t want to run out into the rain to turn on the generator. Instead, you should be able to trust that when the primary power grid goes down, your ATS will serve you and automatically start up the generator. You won’t have to worry about anything.

When a major storm comes and the main power is gone, you never know how long that will last. It will depend upon when emergency power services can get things back up and running. But, life in your home must go on; you still need to be in comfortable temperatures, eat, clean, etc. Another important factor to making sure all this happens is keeping your generator maintained; Standby Generators require annual maintenance, and Portable Generators require maintenance and also need to be ready with fresh, clean fuel.

Weather the hurricanes with the help of a good backup generator. Get that generator from Nationwide Generators, and ask us any questions you may have about using it to stay safe and ready during hurricanes. 

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