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How to Select and Size a Backup Generator for Your Home


Select Home Backup GeneratorFirst step is to understand the size (Amperage) of the electrical service feeding your home. Sizing a generator then becomes a question of how many critical / essential loads you have, and what additional loads you feel are necessary to add.

Today's generators are vastly improved from models built only a few years ago. You can now back up your homes complete service using a smaller generator paired with a Load Shed Module to effectively manage loads. Many times having a large A/C unit or multiple air-conditioners can cause problems tied to loads your generator can power up. By utilizing a Load Shed Module you can have air-conditioners that are on line, be automatically taken off line... (if generator power demand is high and essential loads are running to full capacity and need to take priority).

Tied to generator sizing, ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) selection will follow.  For 100, 200 or 400 Amp services (which may be feeding your home) a preferred method is to select an ATS matching your complete service size.  After matching your homes service size, you can tie in a Load Shed Module to stage off larger accessory loads, when essential loads need to take priority.

If your home has a 100, 200, 400 Amp or larger 800 Amp+ service, an Essential Load Generator can also be an option. This would be to power essential / critical loads making use of a smaller generator as very cost effective alternative.

As the majority of homes today carry a 200 Amp Service, our most popular seller is a Generac 20kW or 22kW packaged with a 200 Amp Service Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch with a Load Shed Module. Customers connect to their 200 Amp main service and use the Load Shed Module to tie off larger loads, when essential load usage is high.

NationwideGenerators.com understands that applications vary, please Contact Us our support staff is here to work with you and ensure the best package to fit your needs is selected.

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