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Planning for Your Generator Installation

21st Dec 2018

The next season of unpredictable weather is just around the corner; you can never tell when it will hit. Wind, rain, flooding, and more can come at any time. Even if what you’re facing isn’t rain, i…

Making Comparisons When Buying a Generator

5th Dec 2018

When you make any significant purchase, you weigh the pros and cons involved. You may weigh the decision of purchasing at all, or you may compare between different brands. Standby generator purchasi…

​Advice for First-Time Generator Use

19th Sep 2018

So, you have purchased a backup generator and you’re satisfied with your choice. You should be; the decision to invest in a generator is a smart one. Now, you have to learn to use it properly. Once yo…

​If You’re Considering a Natural Gas Generator

3rd Sep 2018

All generators have their advantages. As you go about choosing yours, you may be a little overwhelmed while sorting through your options. Among them is the option for a natural gas-powered generator.…

​Safety Advice for Your Emergency Generator

30th Aug 2018

If you have ever experienced blackouts, you know how helpful a backup generator can be. The right one could get you and your family through even a lengthy outage. However, even a good, reliable genera…

Circumstances that Call for Backup Generators

22nd Aug 2018

We have come to rely on electricity so much that we often take it for granted. Not until we are without that power do we realize how much we want and need it. Ask yourself just how difficult a situati…

​Transfer Switches: Manual or Automatic?

28th Jul 2018

If you have been shopping for a generator lately, you have probably noticed you have a couple of options for your transfer switch: manual and automatic. As a result of the options, people often a…

A Portable Generator Could Save Your Life

23rd Jul 2018

Everyone takes precautions against emergency situations, even if they’re minimal. Homeowners have generators in the event that power outages occur. People keep first aid kits, flashlights, candles, to…

​Brand Spotlight: Champion Generators

21st Jul 2018

Champion Power Equipment is a recognizable brand in the power generation market, as well as a trusted one. For many years, Champion has provided reliable and durable products, created and made in the…

​Invest in Remote Generator Monitoring

7th Jul 2018

A residential standby generator is an important investment for your home, all the powered items in it, and your family. It helps protect your home’s circuits, continue powering your most important…

What is an Inverter Generator?

29th Jun 2018

You may have heard of an inverter generator; in fact, the term is often used interchangeably with generator. This can create some confusion about the differences between a generator, an inverter,…

​When Your Generator Just Won't Start

6th Jun 2018

Electrical power is almost essential for most of us. We run our homes with it, our devices, and so much of our lives and work. Maintaining this power is a must to protect our homes and businesses f…

​Brand Spotlight: Kohler Home Standby Generator

30th May 2018

When you’re in the market for a home standby generator, the one constant requirement for your investment is quality. There are many brands on the market, but few are as renowned for being trustwort…

​A Reliable Generator Gets Regular Maintenance

21st May 2018

You probably know already that your standby generator needs regular maintenance. You may have heard that it needs a professional check at least once per year. When you go years with no trouble, it…

​The Basics of Air-Cooled Generators

18th May 2018

Though all generators have a basic function in common—providing backup electricity—they don’t all do so in the same way. There are liquid-cooled models and air-cooled models. Air-cooled generat…

​Choosing the Best Pressure Washer

27th Apr 2018

Water is an essential part of getting things clean. Good water pressure can make a significant difference in washing away dirt and grime. Pressure washers take this to another level; they boost …

The Various Advantages of Generator Fuel Options

20th Apr 2018

If you have been shopping for a generator, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the multiple fuel options available to you. If you’re not aware of precisely what you need or want, deciding which generator and…

​Why You Need a Reliable Portable Generator

13th Apr 2018

Have you ever thought that a portable generator might be useful? Have you considered purchasing one, but stopped because you couldn’t think of a reason to buy one at the time? A portable generator…
How to Maintain Your Home Backup Generator

How to Maintain Your Home Backup Generator

16th Oct 2014

Take care of your generator as you would your car for regular maintenance. Oil, oil filter, air filter and spark plugs… it’s all very similar. Air Filters become dirty, spark plugs wear over time,…