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​Invest in Remote Generator Monitoring


A residential standby generator is an important investment for your home, all the powered items in it, and your family. It helps protect your home’s circuits, continue powering your most important appliances, and keep your family comfortable during outages. Anything that can make operating your generator more efficient is welcome. After all, your generator’s purpose is to support you through outages, and having to go outside and start your unit, check on its status, and being surprised at an inconvenient time by your generator’s service needs defeats some of the unit’s purpose. That is why remote generator monitoring is a wise part of your overall residential backup power investment.

Most modern generators have mobile monitoring capabilities and the necessary accessories are sold separately (like the Generac Mobile Link Monitoring Service 6463) . However, remote generator monitoring is so beneficial that some brands offer it with the purchase of a certain units.

Helpful Status Updates

Your generator runs best when it is well-maintained and it is much easier to maintain your unit when you know how well it is operating. Remote monitoring offers you a simulated control panel that shows you helpful status updates from anywhere so that you never have to leave the house. You can alter exercise times, run engine tests, transfer switch tests, change the local date and time, check your history, and monitor for errors. All this means that you can feel more secure while you’re away from home, and that you don’t have to leave the house during bad weather.

Your remote monitoring device will also let you know when your generator needs attention. It will come equipped with visual and audible signals to let you know it’s time to view or do something. Everything is done wirelessly and you can address anything before the generator shuts down in response to a problem. This device is made to be convenient, which means plenty of battery power, reasonable size, and easy mounting.

Your generator was made to work for you, so consider investing in remote generator monitoring to get the most out of it. If you need more information on adding this capability to your generator purchase, you can trust us at Nationwide Generators. 

What is an Inverter Generator?

You may have heard of an inverter generator; in fact, the term is often used interchangeably with generator. This can create some confusion about the differences between a generator, an inverter, and an inverter generator. Those differences matter; they can help you make the best decision when you purchase a new unit.Standard GeneratorsStandard generators have improved [...]

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Know the Regulations for Generator Installation and Use

As most people know, power outages are relatively common; almost everyone will experience more than one at some time in their lives. That is why it is so important for homeowners to have backup power in the form of reliable generators. Power outages during disasters may even last for days, leaving you at the mercy of [...]

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Brand Spotlight: Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators

Briggs & Stratton, one of the most recognizable and reliable brands in the power market today, is the result of a partnership; two men came together in the very early 20th century to create a company dedicated to building powerful equipment. Since then, the company has made itself a household name in industrial and home power. This long history [...]

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​When Your Generator Just Won't Start

Electrical power is almost essential for most of us. We run our homes with it, our devices, and so much of our lives and work. Maintaining this power is a must to protect our homes and businesses from all sorts of disasters. This is why we invest in generators, for standby backup power. So, it is understandable to feel frustration, [...]

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​Brand Spotlight: Kohler Home Standby Generator

When you’re in the market for a home standby generator, the one constant requirement for your investment is quality. There are many brands on the market, but few are as renowned for being trustworthy as KOHLER. According to the KOHLER site, “We have a saying around here: ‘You can trust a KOHLER generator for good reasons.’”KOHLER began producing generators in the 1920s. [...]

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​A Reliable Generator Gets Regular Maintenance

You probably know already that your standby generator needs regular maintenance. You may have heard that it needs a professional check at least once per year. When you go years with no trouble, it is easy to let those essential checks slide. Unfortunately, that increases the risk that something will go wrong at the very moment you need that generator [...]

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​The Basics of Air-Cooled Generators

Though all generators have a basic function in common—providing backup electricity—they don’t all do so in the same way. There are liquid-cooled models and air-cooled models. Air-cooled generators are among the most durable, reliable, and affordable generators available. They have a long history of doing their jobs, like powering your home and appliances, and doing them well. The BasicsWhen generators run, they generate [...]

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​Choosing the Best Pressure Washer

Water is an essential part of getting things clean. Good water pressure can make a significant difference in washing away dirt and grime. Pressure washers take this to another level; they boost water pressure to very high levels—1000 to 4000 PSI—with the help of fuel-powered engines, or electric motors. This high pressure gives water the power to cut through dirt and [...]

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The Various Advantages of Generator Fuel Options

If you have been shopping for a generator, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the multiple fuel options available to you. If you’re not aware of precisely what you need or want, deciding which generator and fuel type you should use may leave you feeling just a little uncertain. This is normal and easily handled; all you need is a little information [...]

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