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​Why You Need a Reliable Portable Generator

13th Apr 2018

Have you ever thought that a portable generator might be useful? Have you considered purchasing one, but stopped because you couldn’t think of a reason to buy one at the time? A portable generator is an investment, but can be an affordable one with many potential benefits. While you may not find yourself using your generator every day, there are plenty of occasions for use that make it well-worth buying.

Daily, Common Tasks

Portable generators come in many sizes and offer may different levels of power. That means you can find one to run almost anything you can imagine. If you have hobbies that call for electricity to power your tools, but getting that power in your workroom can be a hassle, then a portable generator could be just what you need. When you can’t get your electronic devices charged in the normal ports, a small portable unit, like the Generac GP2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator 7117, could be perfect for your needs.

Emergencies and Outages

Because portable models come in many sizes, you can use them for all sorts of emergencies. If power grid failures are uncommon in your area and you understand the importance of a backup generator, you could purchase a portable model instead. This could supply you all the backup power you need, giving you the ability to keep specific appliances running and your devices charged. If you find yourself in need during a large-scale emergency, a large powerful portable model may suit you. Generac makes the GP17500E Portable Generator 5735.

Travel and Vacation

If you tailgate regularly through the football season, or travel to follow any of your teams, a portable generator could come in very useful. If you host BBQs in your backyard, or do any other type of outdoor cooking, that portable unit may be perfect for powering your cooker. There are models designed to work with your RV, too; if you road trip in an RV, a portable inverter generator, such as the CHAMPION 100263 3400 Watt Dual Fuel-Portable Generator, is an extremely popular choice to keep you doing what you love to do out on the road.

These are merely a few of the potential common uses for a portable generator. If you decided to make your own list, you could find many more reasons why a portable unit makes sense as an investment. If you would like to know more, just take a look at what Nationwide Generators offers online, or contact us for any questions you may have.