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The Various Advantages of Generator Fuel Options

20th Apr 2018

If you have been shopping for a generator, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the multiple fuel options available to you. If you’re not aware of precisely what you need or want, deciding which generator and fuel type you should use may leave you feeling just a little uncertain. This is normal and easily handled; all you need is a little information on different generator fuel options, advantages, and which ones might best to fit your needs.


One of the best advantages of having a generator that uses gas is this fuel is easily accessible and cost-effective. If you use your generator a lot and your budget is a concern, then gas may be the way to go. Of course, there are a few disadvantages of gas as well—it has a shorter shelf life, is more flammable and doesn’t work as well in extremely cold weather. Some people may be concerned that it is the less environmentally sound option. However, the availability and affordability of gas make it a very viable choice. View Nationwide Generators’ available models online.

Liquid Propane (LP)

Propane comes with significant benefits, though its price tag sometimes makes it a less common choice. It has a very long shelf life—virtually indefinite—and burns cleanly for those concerned with the environment. The installation and storage of propane makes this fuel less suitable for large, industrial operations. However, propane is particularly useful for smaller generators that require less fuel. If you want to know more, just take a look at our online selection.


Of the options, diesel is also a very common choice. It is a popular choice because many find this fuel to be an advantage over others. Generators using this fuel type are often easy to maintain and the fuel is less flammable, which means less danger. Diesel’s shelf life is not much longer than gasoline, but as long as you purchase the amount you need, it should not be a problem. Check out our selection of diesel generators here.

Choosing the Right Fuel Type

One fuel type is not necessarily better than the other, so a person just needs to consider the benefits. Cost can be a particularly important factor—both the immediate cost and the cost over time of your fuel. Another consideration is how often you think you will use the generator. If you want something environmentally-friendly, LP gas is probably what you need. Of course, it’s always important to note ease-of-use; you need something that is readily available to you, especially in an emergency.

We’re here to help you get the best possible generator model at Nationwide Generators, which means helping you choose from generator fuel options. Please review our models online and contact us with any questions.