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A Portable Generator Could Save Your Life

23rd Jul 2018

Everyone takes precautions against emergency situations, even if they’re minimal. Homeowners have generators in the event that power outages occur. People keep first aid kits, flashlights, candles, tools, and more just in case. When it comes to items that can save your life in an emergency, you may believe that you know what you need. Have you considered a portable generator?

If You’re Lost

If you like to go on road trips, go camping, and other related outdoor activities, then you probably know how a portable generator can benefit you (take a look at the Champion 100103 3800/4750 Watts Portable Generator with Portability). It could be much more than a benefit, however. It could save you in emergencies there, too. If you go camping and hiking, and you get lost, your portable generator could help you power essential items that give you light, keep your perishables from going bad if you have refrigeration, keep you in more comfortable temperatures by maintaining your fan or AC, and, of course, powering your devices so you can get help.

Extreme Weather

Large backup generators are major investments. If you live in an area where power outages are rare, you may not feel the need to make that investment. That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from backup power. Extreme weather can strike anywhere, and at any time. A portable generator, though small, can offer you enough power to survive that extreme weather. While you may not be able to power all your major appliances, you have enough for important devices, smaller appliances to keep cool or warm, eat food, and more.

Emergency Services

Generators are important parts of emergency service kits. Volunteer organizations and related services know that having portable power on site is essential. Depending upon the nature of the emergency, large, towable units are sometimes necessary. However, sometimes all that is needed is that small, but powerful portable unit. Those units can run fans if it’s hot, medical equipment, and much more.

These are only a few of the ways in which a portable generator could help save your life in an emergency. If you don’t yet have one, come to Nationwide Generators and look at our stock of affordable, reliable portable generators from brands like Generac, DeWalt, and more.