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​Advice for First-Time Generator Use

18th Sep 2018

So, you have purchased a backup generator and you’re satisfied with your choice. You should be; the decision to invest in a generator is a smart one. Now, you have to learn to use it properly. Once you do, it’s not a difficult thing. Just pay heed to your manufacturer’s instructions, any applicable regulations, and the following advice.

Plan Ahead

When you bought your generator, you did your best to pick the best for your home. Of course, you also need to know how much you’ll need from that generator so that you don’t overload it. You can ask for more specific advice on this; just remember that every load for your generator makes it work harder to give you power. So plan ahead as much as you’re able so you use your generator efficiently.

Maintain All Parts

From cords and plugs, to other bits and pieces, your generator needs all its parts in good condition. Learn about as many parts as you’re able, and how to keep them clear of debris and rust, and when to check them for upgrades and replacements. Having a local generator expert is helpful; make sure you have someone to call for even smaller parts of upkeep.

General Use

Remember that, though your generator is made to withstand the elements, you should practice caution. Don’t use your generator when it’s wet outside; electrocution is possible. Keep it dry and covered as much as is possible. Turn it on using the transfer switch.

Because carbon monoxide poisoning is a possibility when your generator runs, it’s important to install it at an appropriate distance from your home. Your manufacturer can help with this, as can any professional who helps you with installation.

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